Adapted to the new context

The current COVID-19 crisis represented an opportunity for CONCORDIA Academia to explore new modalities by means of which we could support the professionals in the social field.

Thus, in the spring 2020, we launched a series of webinars #inTranzition, free of charge with a duration of approximately 2 hours, facilitated by trainers from CONCORDIA Academia. Very soon, the concept was developed and taken to another level under the name #PeopleInTranzition – a series of online meetings made in partnership with the Hanns Seidel Foundation and ”Up to us” Association.

Via these online events we want to offer the social professional the possibility to discuss about the present and future of social services in the context of the new challenges brough up front by COVID-19 crisis. There were approached themes such as: self-management and self-care for managers; professional life vs. personal life; social services between unbalance and re-invention; parent by profession in the context of isolation; about burnout; contracting social services.

Covered topics


“Carry on with this kind of actions! They are particularly useful, even online. They help me connect to people in my professional field, to add-on to my knowledge and improve my skills. Today’s Webinar as very well structured and reach in information. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you! Stay as you are, a team well-connected to social reality. Congratulations!”

Anonymous, Webinar participant

“Today’s webinar, in the light of the times we live, was not only interesting but useful too. It is vital to be able to jump out of the pot where you boil and learn from the experience of other colleagues from the field! Thank you for the opportunity offered.”

Silvia Carauș, Children Foster Care Centre Regina Pacis, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

“I took part in the webinars #PeopleInTransition. They helped me enormously at that time and I thank you for that. They were food for the soul and mind. It was extraordinary. Congratulations and wish you success further on. I shall gladly participate to as many sessions as I can!”

Iagăr Monica Lavinia, Social Worker, Private Social Care Practice

Past webinars

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