First of all – ERSTE Foundation. The social program Management and Innovation organized by this organization provided for a fertile land on which this idea of training meant for the social personnel could spring and shape up. We thank Erste Foundation for with this spring we feed our most daring dreams!

Organizations are made of people, and many times, the meetings among these people bring much more than anyone could expect. This is how it was for CONCORDIA Academia the meeting with Bernhard Gut, Erika Geser-Engleitner and their colleagues from FH Vorarlberg – University of Applied Sciences.

We were impressed by their interest and opening, their desire to generously offer, their capacity to say what is valuable and positive, their professionalism and fidelity in time for a relationship that grew with every year and that valorized the professionalism of the specialists in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, helping them to develop from the professional point of view. More than 25 trainers of CONCORDIA Academia benefited from opportunities of professionalizing together with the partners from FH Vorarlberg – University of Applied Sciences and Kardinal Konig Haus within the Training of Trainers sessions.

We thank Bernhard Gut, Erika Geser-Engleitner and FH Vorarlberg – University of Applied Sciences for everything that you taught us and for the company that you keep offering us on this journey.

Another meeting that marked the history of CONCORDIA Academia was that with Akademie für Sozialmanagement (ASOM) and Kardinal Konig Haus (KKH)

It was like when you meet someone and tell to yourself – “This is what I want to be when I grow big”. From the first meeting we were impressed by the level of quality and training philosophy that ASOM promotes, the attention paid to details and the intention behind every comma and every full stop in everything that they do. The generosity and opening of the colleagues from ASOM allowed us to develop one of the best training programs for managers in the social filed at regional level, both from the point of view of the content as well as training methods with which we familiarized throughout the training the trainer courses.

Thank you ASOM (Karin Krischanitz, Georg Nuhsbaumer, Johannes Jurka) for the courage to start together on this path and the continuous challenges.

The circumstances that sometimes surprise us and turn upside down even the best prepared plans were at the basis of the meetings with Bogdan Cuc and the Romanian Supervisors Association. The desire to develop and put into practice functional supervising services, to support the professionals in the social field was the foundation of a partnership that made CONCORDIA Academia one of the few authorized training suppliers in the field.

Thank you, Bogdan Cuc and the Romanian Supervisors Association for your opening and cooperation, professionalism and courage to accept new challenges.

With the colleagues from Federația Organizațiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Servicii Sociale – FONSS we have known each other for a long time, and we have always appreciated them for their interest and the dedication with which they work to develop the social system and organizations in the field. We wanted to be able to do things together and every time we had the opportunity we cooperated successfully. To us, they are the neighbours to whom you know you can turn whenever you’re in need, and they won’t leave you in hard times, as well as the reverse.

Thank you Diana Chiriacescu and FONSS for daring and wanting to be always the best in supporting our motivation and confidence that together we shall succeed to change things for the better, one day at a time.

So, whoever you are, you that read these lines, we thank you for the curiosity to know us and understand who we are. And if you want, we can meet because it might be possible that in a while, your name or your organization’s name feature among those who believe in us.

We grow the potential to do good.