CONCORDIA Social Projects is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, established in 1991 and present in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Kosovo, the Republic of Moldova and Romania. The direct activities are addressed to children, young people and their families, but also to the elderly in order to accompany them to an independent and meaningful life. The international fundraising activity takes place mainly in Austria (Vienna) and Germany (Stuttgart).

In Romania, CONCORDIA is a non-governmental, non-profit and independent organization, dedicated to supporting children, young people and families in need, towards a more independent and responsible life. At the beginning, the organization provided placement and shelter services for street children, later developing independent living projects, vocational education and vocational counseling, vocational integration projects, day centers and social economy enterprises. More than 2,000 people benefit annually from the intervention and support of the CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization.

In Edu-Campus there are two main projects: CONCORDIA Vocational School – a place where for 10 years young people are welcomed with open arms, are guided with understanding and empathy to become independent and responsible and CONCORDIA Primary School, the first private school in Romania that will open its doors to children from needy families, as well as to other children from the local community.

CONCORDIA Bakery was opened in 2011. It is a social enterprise that sells bakery and pastry products, so that young people in difficulty and who can not yet be integrated into the labor market, can complete their training at work as a baker. , a continuation of the courses within the CONCORDIA School of Trades. In the last year, 15 young people have been hired, and another 8 have practiced here.

Hostel Bread & Breakfast is a social enterprise developed by our organization. The hostel can accommodate 11 people in 6 rooms, offering affordable accommodation. Located in the old town part of Bucharest, on Petru Cercel Street and close to the Carol Park and Dealul Mitropoliei, the Bread & Breakfast hostel is an iconic location for CONCORDIA, having served as the first headquarters CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization in Romania.

CONCORDIA Austria – LenZ: “Lern- und Familienzentrum” is a day center for children, young people and mothers from migrant communities. Since 2016, CONCORDIA responds to this need discovered in Vienna. Children receive school support, young people are helped to live an independent life, while families are supported in their relationship with the authorities. A team of 5 employees and over 40 volunteers are actively involved in the activities carried out in the LenZ center.

For 14 years the Public Association „CONCORDIA. Social projects” tried to get there, where the need is greater in the Republic of Moldova. We intervene in difficult and tense situations, quickly and non-bureaucratically. In these 14 years we have helped over 11,000 children, the elderly and needy families in the country. Over 240 orphans and children from socially vulnerable families lived during this period in various forms of placement of the organization. More than 400 elderly people were accommodated in 10 CONCORDIA Social Centers. More than 3.5 million hot lunches were provided to needy people across the country.

CONCORDIA Bulgaria manages several different types of social services – daily (two of which are delegated by the state through a contract with the municipality of Sofia), consultative and resident, also mobile work between marginalized communities and two own social enterprises. The first project of the Bulgarian foundation was implemented in 2008 within the “Saint Constantine” Social and Youth Center – a complex of social services in support of children and young people from at-risk groups.

We grow the potential to do good.