Eligibility, signing-up and participation

Under section Learn with Us, entry Courses, you can find the description of the courses and our professional and personal development activities. For any further information, contact us at academia@concordia.org.ro.

Basically, anyone who is interested. Yet, there are conditions imposed by the entities certifying our courses. The special conditions can be found in the description of each course under section Leran with Us and within the announcement of the respective course under section Sign-up.

Those interested are kindly requested to contact us anytime at academia@concordia.org.ro .

All scheduled courses are announced in due time under section Sign-up and on the other communication channels of CONCORDIA Academia. The announcement shall contain the documents requested to sign-up and the potential selection procedure.

To make sure you are updated with all opportunities offered, subscribe to the CONCORDIA Academia newsletter.

Most often in Romanian. If the course is held in another language (most often in English), this shall be mentioned in the announcement. For any other languages except English, we provide simultaneous interpretation.

The course’s location and program are specified in the announcement with launching the training program. We assure you that we take into consideration all legal provisions on COVID-19 spread and we search for the best suitable solutions to offer an as good as possible frame for holding the courses.

Depending on the course, the number of participants can vary between 15 and 25 persons per group. Specific information can be found in the announcement of the course under section Sign-up.

The costs of the courses differ depending on the duration of the course, its specificity, certification etc. In some cases, these can be partly or entirely covered by financers or potential scholarships. The cost for each course is announced together with launching the training program under section Sign-up.

For the long-term course (longer than 2 days) you may pay in instalments. For details on the payment modalities, please contact the course responsible person (announced with the launching of the training program) or you can send us an e-mail to academia@concordia.org.ro .

CONCORDIA Academia does not cover the costs on transportation and accommodation. In special cases, when the participation to the training program is part of a project, it is possible that the costs be reimbursed by the financer.

Costs and payment

Course Graduation and Certification

CONCORDIA Academia issues upon request participation certificates for all its training programs.

In the case when the training program is accredited by the National Agency for Qualification (Agenția Națională pentru Calificări – ANC) or benefits from credits from the National College of Social Workers in Romanian (Colegiului Național al Asistenților Sociali din România – CNASR), following a successful completion of the certification examination, the participants can also benefit from ANC and CNASR diplomas. The costs in connection with issuing these diplomas are specified in the course announcement available under section Sign-up.

The CONCORDIA Academia training programs are recognized at international level by entities such as EURODIR – The European Trans-national Network of Training Organizations for Social Institutions Directors or Schlosshofen – and Associated Institute to the University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg, Austria who for over 35 years has been running post-university level study programs. For details in this respect, contact us at academia@concordia.org.ro .

For the long-term programs (longer than 2 days) and for all those for a charge, we sign training contracts with the participants and/or organizations they come from. Non-observance of the contractual provisions with regard to the attendance of the courses, makes the respective person unable to participate in the final examination, and thus, the participant shall not be able to obtain the diploma / certificate until the recovery of the respective training days and take the certification examination.

In the cases of the courses financed within the projects, according to the contractual provisions, gathering a number of absences of over 30%, for reasons pertaining to the will of the participant or organization they represent, may lead to the obligation to cover the costs on training for the respective person. At the same time, both the person and the organization shall no longer benefit from free of charge training opportunities for one year.

In the case of the courses for a charge, the participants who do not inform on cancelling their participation by at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the course, shall not benefit from the reimbursement of the advance payment made.

As a consequence of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is likely to have last-minute changes in the program and modality of holding the courses (for instance: the conversion of physical courses into a digital alternative). The participants shall be informed in due time with regard to any modifications and specific safety measures.

We have in mind to hold our courses in as safe as possible conditions (physical distancing, providing masks and disinfectants, holding outdoor courses or in generous areas, whenever possible). Yet, participation is on their own liability.

In the case when you were in contact with a person with confirmed or suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection during the last 14 days, we kindly ask you to refrain from participating to the course, or announce your absence. In this case, no administrative punitive measures shall be taken against you.

The persons who present symptoms (fever, coughing, breathing difficulties) shall not be allowed to attend the courses held face-to-face.


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