As a regional Centre of Excellence, CONCORDIA Academia offers certified training courses for practitioners, managers and supervisors in an experiential learning environment as well as consultancy, coaching and supervision to social service professionals.



All people in need can benefit from adapted, high quality and sustainable support from social service professionals in order to live an independent meaningful life.

  • Training courses and support services adapted to the needs and challenges of the participants;
  • Learning philosophy based on reflection and on a mutual learning process;
  • Focus on developing practical abilities;
  • Aligning to the international standards and to the latest evolutions in the social field (next practice)
  • Developing basic skills, emphasising the person, interpersonal communication, participation and community mobilization;
  • Networking and experience exchange with other professionals in the social field;
  • Continuous support by supervising, coaching and mentorship.

What we offer

What recommends us

We are a group of people passionate of what we do and strongly motivated to raise the current standards in Romania to the level of the international ones. We wish and strongly believe that we can offer conditions for a dignified life to those who don’t have access to one yet.


Bianca Buzetto
Bianca BuzettoDevelopment engineer & Product Manager ”Social Management”
She has been working in close contact with the non-governmental sector for almost 20 years.
Working shoulder to shoulder with social works, teachers, psychologists etc. allowed her to better understand the needs in the social field..
Magda Ilie
Magda IlieInspirational Product Manager ”Practitioners in the social field”
She is a practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in the social field working in national and international projects targeting vulnerable groups. She is committed to make the world a better place for all…
Bianca Mătăsariu
Bianca MătăsariuCulture & Communities Architect & Manager Program „Supervizor în servicii sociale”
Irina Adăscăliței
Irina AdăscălițeiInnovator in charge & Director CONCORDIA Academia
Former member of the international executive board of CONCORDIA International. After 20 years of experience in HR & OD and organizational management, both in NGOs and business fields…
Ina Dreglea
Ina DregleaCommunications specialist & Digital fairy
Always looking for new ways to connect people around the Academy and find innovative solutions. She enjoys situations where she is challenged to seek solutions to problems, always ready to identify and implement effective strategies to support
Elena Gaicu
Elena GaicuConecting non-profit & for-profit
Resource person when it comes to fundraising and connecting the for-profit & non-profit environment. The person who puts together ideas, contributions…

The CONCORDIA Academia Office in Chișinău facilitates the access of Moldavian professionals in the socio-humanitarian field to quality and targeted training and personal and professional development programs subscribed to the same general objective, of capacitating and increasing the quality of social services at national level.

Academia in Moldova

We grow the potential to do good.