CONCORDIA Academia is inviting you to be part of a 3 days event in Romania (location to be decided between Bucharest, Sibiu, or Cluj-Napoca) during which we intend to discuss one of the hottest topics in the social field – the Human Capital, as the last NGO Academy Members breakfast proved.

A total number of 15-20 managers of social organizations in the Central and South-East Europe region[1] are expected to participate in the event foreseen to take place in May 2023 (min 8 participants from outside Romania). The language used during the workshop will be English.

Participant profile

If you are a top or a middle manager facing each day multiple challenges – lack of specialized professionals, staff turnover, burnout insurgence,  limited financial resources hindering your salary scale updating – you will find these three days to be a very good opportunity to discuss with your colleagues from the region and develop together solutions adapted to your specific situation.


The topics we are proposing are the result of the interaction with over 400 organizations and well-known learning partners in Europe and we would like you to choose the most interesting from your perspective:

*Managing the human resources as a responsibility of top management – challenges and best practices;

*Supporting learning in the workplace as a way to develop competencies in social field professionals;

*Self-care – the cornerstone of a qualitative social intervention;

*We don’t need another hero, what we need is inclusive leadership;

*Boosting resilience – the use of functional supervision and coaching as support services for practitioners and managers;

*Future skills and how to train them at @work – a European perspective[2].

Event structure

The arrival is foreseen on Tuesday (event starting after lunch) and leaving on Thursday after lunch (14.00). Optional visits to local organizations could be organized on Friday on request (at additional cost).

Financial information

Thanks to the support of the Community Led Events program of NGO Academy (which we expect will cover an important part of the costs), the participants (up to 8 representatives of organizations in the region and 7 from Romaniawill only have to cover the international/local transportation costs (while 2 nights accommodation and meals&coffee-breaks, as well as facilitation services and materials, will be covered by the organizers&Erste Foundation).

The event is open also to non-members of NGO Academy interested in the topic under different financial conditions.


Please express your interest in participating in this workshop by filling in this form by 28th Nov 2022 (duration 5-7 min). Respondents who will confirm their participation after receiving the official invitation (estimated January 2023) will benefit from priority.

[1] Participants from NGO Academy member organizations from Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia will be eligible for the financial support by Community Led Events programme.

[2] The Future Skills Inventory is the main result of FOCUS–  Forward Looking Social Europe Skills, an Erasmus+ project. Visit the website for more info regarding the Workplace Learning Policy reccomendations and the Strategic HR training curriculum.