We invite you to carefully rad the terms and conditions on the use of the below presented or before obtaining any materials, information, products or services via http://www.academia-concordia.ro. Accessing http://www.academia-concordia.ro, you engage to accept, without limitation or qualification all these terms and conditions of use.

  1. Terms of use

This agreement establishes your use of the internet website located at the address http://www.academia-concordia.ro (here forth called “the website”) and is constituted between CONCORDIA Academia (here forth called “ours”, “us” or “we”) and you acting on your behalf or that of a buyer, member or supplier on whose behalf you signed up (here forth called “you”) By using, seeing, transmitting, retaining, storing and/or using the website, services or functions offered in or by the website, or of the website’s content, in any modality, you agree to each and every term and condition presented in the following, and with all these together, we waive any right to claim ambiguity or error in this agreement. We reserve the right, to our absolute discretion, to change, modify, add or erase parts of these terms at any moment, without any notice, and to the extent to which there is no other indication, these modifications shall immediately become effective; thus, we kindly ask you to periodically check for any changes in these terms. The fact that you shall continue using the website after the modifications to this agreement, it means that you accept these modifications. You are independent contractors and no agency, partnership, mixt company, employee – employer relationship is monitored and shall be created via this agreement.

  1. Eligibility

The website is available only to natural persons or legal entities that can conclude valid contracts in compliance with the applicable legislation.

The website and materials located in or by the website are supplied by us only for information, in the sense that by supplying these materials, we do not engage to supply services or consultancy or legal or any other kind. The information contained in or by the website is based on sources deemed exact and credible and we made reasonable diligences to ensure the correctness of the information. These materials were prepared for you by our personnel as well as by other persons too.

  1. Copyright

Each of its modules, is a registered property of CONCORDIA Academia. This website and the content presented on this website cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, modified, transmitted or distributed without the permission of CONCORDIA Academia, unless you can download, present or print a copy of the materials presented on this website using one single computer, exclusively for your personal non-commercial use and by indicating the source. The unauthorized use of this website and / or of the materials contained by this website can breach onto the copyright, registered trademarks laws, onto the intellectual property laws or any other laws. You must remember that any notes on copyright and registered trademarks, including any notes on property, contained by the materials. The use of these materials on any other website or in any other computer network is forbidden.

Except for the cases when stipulated differently, all names, logos, trademarks, service marks and commercial names are the property of CONCORDIA Academia and cannot be used by anyone to any purpose without our prior, consent expressed in writing.

  1. User submissions

By submitting any ideas, comments, suggestions or other information to us referring to improving the website and / or the services in connection with the website (here forth called “submissions”), you accept that such submissions shall be deemed and remain the property of CONCORDIA Academia. No submission shall represent any confidentiality obligation from CONCORDIA Academia and CONCORDIA Academia shall not have the obligation to make public any submission.

CONCORDIA Academia shall hold all the rights in connection with the submission and shall have the right to use the submission without restriction, to any purpose, be it commercial or of any other kind, without any compensation to you. You warrant that the holder of any right, including moral rights, in this context, has completely and effectively waved all these rights, and has validly and irrevocably sent to you the right to submit the property rights to CONCORDIA Academia.

  1. The Content in Connection with the Website

The links to other sites that we believe to be of interest to you are made available for your convenience. By making available these links, we do not approve or recommend these contained websites or materials or services offered by them and we are not liable for these materials, services or other situations in connection with or derived from any other website.

There can be links to other websites found in the pages of our website that can get you out of the website. These include links to institutions, sponsors and partners who can use our logo as part of a co-branding agreement. These other websites can submit their own cookies to users, can collect data, request information or can contain information that you might find inadequate or offensive. Besides, the advertisers on the website can send to the users, cookies that we cannot control. We reserve the right to disactivate links from any other third-party website. Do not forget, that whenever you submit information online, this information can be collected and used by unknown persons. We cannot grant for the security of any information you get; you can do this on your own risk.

CONCORDIA Academia may use cookies when the user navigates on this website. These cookies can be activated by CONCORDIA Academia or by another their-party contacted by CONCORDIA Academia for measurement and assessment services. For details on cookies, see the specially dedicated section.

  1. Waver, warranty exclusion

You agree to use our website knowingly, having in mind this document. The website and any information, content and/or materials in connection with this are supplied based on the principle “as is”, without warranties of any kind. CONCORDIA Academia offers no warranties, be it expressly implicitly, including but without limitation to: the title warranty or marketing warranties; non-infringement; those arising from the articles of incorporation or from any other legislation or in the course of use or commercial use; other than those warranties imposed and which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified in compliance with the laws applicable to this agreement.

No oral representation or written correspondence or any information supplied by CONCORDIA Academia shall create any kind of warranty, and you must not rely on any such representation or information.

Electronic submission, including the internet, are public media, and any use of these media is public and not private. The information in connection or arising from such media is public and it is not private or personal information.

We decline any responsibility for the exactness, content or availability of the information found on the websites in connection with the website academia-concordia.ro. The parties are not responsible for the malfunctioning of phones, electricity networks, electronic networks, internet networks, hardware or software elements, for their fall, delay or difficulties, for post messages, email, connections or entries lost, stolen, illegible, incomplete, distorted, mutilated, or for post charges in connection with them, for the security of each and every one of those listed. Moreover, the parties are not responsible for the incorrectness and imprecision of the information entered, be it caused by the internet user or by any of the equipment or programs associated by the website, or by human errors that can occur in processing any information in connection with the website.

You agree that the parties are not liable in any way for damaging, loss or prejudice of your computer or for the interception or use of the information on your credit / debit card, in connection with or arising from the use of the website or of any other connected or associated websites, services or material, and at the same time they are not liable in any way for the injury, claim or prejudice in connection with or deriving from any part of the website that operates or not on computers or networks used by you or communicating with such computers or networks.

The website may contain technical incorrectness or mistakes or print omissions. CONCORDIA Academia reserves the right to make modifications, corrections and / or improvements to the website and products or programs described in such information, at any time, without notice.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify bookings when it is proven that a client is engaged in fraudulent or inadequate activities, or circumstances showing that the booking contains or results from a mistake or an error.

  1. Compensation

You agree to compensate CONCORDIA Academia and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, agencies and employees, to absolve them of any complaint or request, including reasonable lawyer fees incurred by a third party in connection with or resulting from your breaching onto this agreement or onto the documents it incorporates, or your violation of any law or right of a third party. The fact that CONCORDIA Academia does not act in connection with the breaches committed by you or other, does not mean they wave their rights to act in respect of similar or subsequent breaches.

You are fully responsible to keep the confidentiality of your password and account and for all the activities in connection with your account.

In the case when any complaint is made or any action or procedure is started against the compensated parties, or against any of them, deriving from or in connection with this agreement, any of the parties, by means of a reasonable notice to you, may request you, on your own expenses, to object to the complaint or take over the defence in connection with that action or procedure and to hire counselling to this purpose, counsellors that shall be previously approved in writing by the compensated party, approval that must mandatorily be made in the case of counsellors who act for your defenders hired for such a defence or resistance.

You shall cooperate with us in the attempt against any complaint. We reserve the right, on your own expenses, to exclusively assume the defence and control of any matter that makes for the object of compensation from you.

  1. Limitation of responsibility

Neither us nor any of our subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agencies, representative offices shall be responsible before you or before anyone else for any loss or injury or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or similar damage deriving from your access or use of the website, or from your inability to access the website or any materials, opinions or recommendations of the third parties posted on the website. This limitation applied if liability is based on the contract, guilt, negligence, strict responsibility or any other foundation, be it even if we have been informed of the possibility of such damage.

In the jurisdictions where exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages is not allowed, our responsibility in such jurisdictions shall be limited to the limit allowed by the law.

You wave any right and all complaint against us and our subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agencies and representatives deriving from your use of the website or of any other materials, opinions or recommendations made on the website by third parties.

  1. Access and interferences

You shall not use any method to copy the website or content (including the information) contained by it without our previously written consent. You agree not to use any device or program or method to interfere or to attempt to interfere with the correct operation of the website or of any transaction to be made via the website. You agree not to copy, reduce, alter, modify, create derivate works or publicly present any content element of the website, without our previous written consent or that of a third party.

The information you offer to us (i) must not contain any viruses, “trojan”, warms, logical bombs or any other programming methods targeting to deteriorate, interfere with the aim to affect, intercept or expropriate any system, data or information and (ii) shall not generate liability to us or shall not cause losses (in all or in part) for our isp services or those of others.

  1. Termination

These terms are valid until the termination of the agreement, by either of the parties. You may terminate these terms at any time by disconnecting from using the website and by destroying all the materials obtained in any way and from all associated websites and of all connected documents and of all copies, be it made in compliance with the terms of the agreement, or in any other way. Your access to the website may terminate immediately without any notice from our part if, at our own and absolute discretion, we appreciate that you do not comply to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

  1. Applicable Law

You shall have to comply to all applicable laws, statuses, ordinances and regulations, referring to your use of the website and to your request for purchasing and/or sale offers for products and/or services. Any litigations arising from or in connection with the website shall be governed by the Romanian law applicable to the contracts in force and shall be fully settled in Romania. Using the website is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not have as an effect the application of all the provisions of these terms, including, without limitation to, this paragraph. You agree that in action in court deriving or in connection with the terms of this agreement shall be submitted to the courts of law in Romania.

  1. Communication

Questions or comments referring to the website and to the information contained by the website may be submitted to academia@concordia.org.ro for CONCORDIA Academia. Any communication or material submitted to us via the website or internet email is submitted as non-confidential.