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CONCORDIA Academia is the center of excellence in training and professional development established under the umbrella of CONCORDIA, a non-governmental organization founded in Romania in 1991, with operational activities currently in 5 countries (Romania, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Austria & Kosovo) that for three decades now has been accompanying different categories of vulnerable groups under the motto “Who saves one life, saves the whole world”.

Across its portfolio, CONCORDIA Academy offers social, educational & socio-medical specialists certified training programs for practitioners, managers, supervisors & HR strategists, as well as supervision, coaching, and consultancy services in organizational development to contribute to capacity building at individual, organizational, and therefore systemic level.

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CONCORDIA Academy currently has two offices, one in Bucharest (Romania) and a second one in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) and aims to expand its activity at regional level.

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CONCORDIA Academia Community is a space dedicated exclusively to the alumni of our training programs. It is a place to share resources, recommendations, and opportunities (events, jobs, etc.) and a space to ask questions, request support, and exchange best practices.

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Social Management Course participant

“We received information that I use both in my professional as well as private life. After the first module I understood what I used to do wrong in my relationship with the others. Now I am more confident in myself and I see the results of my team’s work. I have the courage to ask and give feedback. What can be more adequate than start a learning exchange process in spring and then feel how you grow together with the team.”

Antigona Orlic, Foster Care Centre, DGASPC Prahova

Social Management Course participant

“In this program I learned how important feedback and feedforward are. I learned how to delegate part of my tasks. The course helped me be aware of the fact that each person is an immense resource for the team, and informal as well as formal feedback can change a persona and a whole team.”

Carmen Scripcaru, Manager at the Humanitarian Association “Il Chicco”

„Supervision in the social field” Course Participant

“This course, such as it is designed, the people I met opened new windows to knowledge, understanding and questioning and new mirrors to self-knowledge. The course features all the “ingredients” for reflection, analysis, ethical dilemmas, sound understanding of “unsound” things from your own professional experience and that of the others who are meant to help you grow as an individual as well as a professional. It prepares you (form the intellectual, emotional, attitude, anxiety point of view) for the moment when you come face to face with the professionals, the teams, organizations for which you shall be supervisor.”

Mihaela Zanoschi, ”Bună Ziua Copii din România” Association

Webinar participant

“Carry on with this kind of actions! They are particularly useful, even online. They help me connect to people in my professional field, to add-on to my knowledge and improve my skills. Today’s Webinar as very well structured and reach in information. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you! Stay as you are, a team well-connected to social reality. Congratulations!”


”Practitioners in the social field” Course

“From the positive aspects of the course as I could mention the atmosphere generated and the way of the participants and trainers that make you feel like expressing yourself freely, openly ask questions; the experience exchange with the other participants; clarity of the information. Both the structure and the content answered well the training needs.”




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