CONCORDIA Academia’s scholarship program offers companies the opportunity to sustainably and significantly support the professionals directly involved in working for and with people in need. Beyond the common good, every one of us wants to be able to rely on appropriate support in a situation of (severe) vulnerability. We need your involvement in sustaining professionals, as this is the only way we can hope to assure the quality of social work at regional level. CONCORDIA Academia, as a center of excellence for increased capacity in social, social-educational, and social-medical fields, provides certified training programs and support services, attentively customized to the professionals who have chosen to dedicate their work to the ones in severe needs.

We’ll ensure full transparency on how the scholarships are used and openly communicate about the companies involved in our program, if not differently decided by you.

Invest in education using CONCORDIA Academia’s scholarship program and we’ll move the society forward, despite the present challenges and highly dynamic context.

Because people need people.

Contact us to set all the details:  +40 737 010 034 for Romania and +373 79 270 706 for Moldova. (online platform)