Title: Erasmus+ ACCREDITATION in the field of Adult Education

Funded by: European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme

Budget: 67.000,00 euro

Accreditation period: 01.03.2023 – 31.12.2027

Description: CONCORDIA Academia, part of CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization, received this year the Erasmus+ accreditation in the field of Adult Education through which learning mobilities for adult learners (staff and learners) will be organized until the end of 2024. Thus, 60 adult trainees will participate in learning experiences in the form of training courses and job shadowing, resulting from the analysis of learning needs and skills development, in various areas: digital, palliative care, introducing games and gamification in training programs with other adult beneficiaries, increasing resilience and self-care in the context of severe casework, increasing innovation capacity in social.

Expected impact: By facilitating access to intensive, practical learning programs in an international context, we aim to train 60 adult learners (professionals working in the social field), with the results of this learning having a positive impact on the vulnerable groups they work directly with. The impact on the end beneficiaries will be seen in the increased quality of services offered and in the increased resilience of professionals in the face of multiple challenges.

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