As a regional Centre of Excellence, CONCORDIA Academia offers certified training courses for practitioners, managers and supervisors in an experiential learning environment as well as consultancy, coaching and supervision to social service professionals.


All people in need can benefit from adapted, high quality and sustainable support from social service professionals in order to live an independent meaningful life.

What we offer

  • Training courses and support services adapted to the needs and challenges of the participants;
  • Learning philosophy based on reflection and on a mutual learning process;
  • Focus on developing practical abilities;
  • Aligning to the international standards and to the latest evolutions in the social field (next practice)
  • Developing basic skills, emphasising the person, interpersonal communication, participation and community mobilization;
  • Networking and experience exchange with other professionals in the social field;
  • Continuous support by supervising, coaching and mentorship.

What recommends us


We are a group of people passionate of what we do and strongly motivated to raise the current standards in Romania to the level of the international ones. We wish and strongly believe that we can offer conditions for a dignified life to those who don’t have access to one yet.

Irina Adăscăliței


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Ina Dreglea

Project Assistant
& Communication Responsible

Student of Finance and Banking. Passionate about marketing, aesthetics and sunsets.

"Thoughts become things."

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Bianca Mătăsariu

Product Manager
"Supervision in social services"

Passionate about education and working with people, curious and cheerful.

"There are solutions to any challenge!"

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Bianca Buzetto

Product Manager
"Social Management"

He has been working in the social field for almost 20 years. Working with social workers, educators, psychologists has allowed her to better understand the needs of the field and the challenges facing social service managers. She is passionate about training and teamwork.

"Only organizations that invest in their people can fulfill their mission successfully."

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Eugen Chihai

Manager CONCORDIA Academia
in the Republic of Moldova

He is happy to be able to contribute to the education of practitioners in the social field, to the development of people who make a difference through the decisions they make and who through the added value in the relationship with the beneficiaries move the focus from problem to solution.

"Although we are constantly changing, the need to reform the social system and recruit valuable people to make a difference remains stable."

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Magda Ilie

Product Manager
”Practitioners in the Social Field”

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Academia in Moldova

The CONCORDIA Academia Office in Chișinău facilitates the access of Moldavian professionals in the socio-humanitarian field to quality and targeted training and personal and professional development programs subscribed to the same general objective, of capacitating and increasing the quality of social services at national level.


EURODIR is an European trans-national network of the organizations specialized in training social institutions managers. Its main goal is to allow the members to share, discover and compare, cooperate, promote the best training level for the managers working in the social and health sector.

Following an accreditation process that lasted more than one year and meant the evaluation of the curriculum, methods and capacities to train and certify, starting with 2020, CONCORDIA Academia may offer diplomas recognized by EURODIR to the social service manager course graduates.