Capacity Building for Trainers and Teachers - Learning the Blended Way

Press release

Training and transfer of good practices at European level, in the field of education, for specialists in the social sector.

In December 2020, Humanitarian Organization CONCORDIA launched the Capacity Building for Trainers and Teachers: Learning the Blended Way project, a strategic partnership project co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ program.

The project focuses on developing key competencies among educators (trainers / teachers / instructors) that will allow them to ensure the transition to blended learning (face to face and online), programs that will ensure flexibility and quality of the learning process for students. As the participants in the project will also be educators in the field of vocational education and training, it will also contribute to the development of innovation in educational pedagogy based on digital technologies.

Together with the Humanitarian Organization CONCORDIA, partners in this endeavor are Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale - Italy (non-profit association engaged in analysis, information, training and promotion of knowledge on international cooperation, European affairs, peace and human rights) and Human Rights Campus - The Netherlands (training provider specializing in online and blended learning for various professional groups, educators and trainers).

During two years of implementation, training programs and work tools (course design development, learning methods, digital tools) based on practical skills developed based on the needs of organizations and professionals in the field will be developed and tested. 58 professionals from Romania, Italy and the Netherlands, involved in education and training, will enrich their planning, content delivery and assessment skills in the field of blended learning; 13 of them will benefit from the training of trainers (ToT) course and will carry out training activities at international level.

The first transnational meeting between the project partners took place online in the second half of December, giving those involved the opportunity to discuss openly, confidently and enthusiastically about the content and planning of activities, thus building a healthy foundation for what and -they proposed to continue to achieve.

For details and information on the activities of the project:

Bianca Mătăsariu - Project Manager (

Ina Dreglea - Communication Responsible (

More details about the project HERE.


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