Project title: SaferCare – Development of an integrated program to consolidate the social service suppliers’ capacities to protect children’s interests.

Duration: 01.01.2019 – 30.04.2021 (28 months);

Budget (only OUC/CA): 150,000 euro;

Scope of the project

The general objective of the project is to consolidate the capacity of the public and private children care system in Romania, to guarantee children protection and observe the children’s higher interests in all its services. In general, it targets to increase the children care and social works service quality among the public and private social services suppliers by introducing certain measures to consolidate their capacities.

By means of the supervising services provided within the project, the professionals in the social field shall have access to support and guidance to cope with the complex needs of the beneficiaries, especially as far as child neglect and abuse situation is concerned. Via a “Professional Training Program for the Practitioners in the Social service field”, the practical skill of the practitioners shall improve, increasing thus the impact and quality of services on the long run.

In all, 10 public and private organizations from four regions of Romania and 170 professionals from these regions shall benefit from supervising and training activities.

Main applicant:

CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte Gemeinnützige Privatstiftung (Concordia Social Projects) – Austria


Humanitarian Organization CONCORDIA Romania

Project’s results:

  • Increase of the level of awareness with regard to the training possibilities, importance and relevance of supervising services for the practitioners in the children care services field;
  • 170 professionals in social services shall benefit from supervising and training services;
  • 30 professionals shall take part in the “Professional Training Program for the Practitioners in the Social service field”,
  • Increase of the capacity of the practitioners working in the children care sector to manage the transformation towards alternative and community services;

Expected impact

At least 1,000 children, youth and adults from vulnerable groups shall benefit from improved services from the better-informed professionals having better professional skills.