Title of the project: ProtectME – children’s protection integration in the policy and current practice of children care

Duration: 01.01.2020 – 30.06.2021;

Managed budget: 69,885 euro;

Scope of the project

The general objective of the project is to consolidate the policies on children safety in the field of protection services and to consolidate the family-type of services.

The specific objectives of the project are:
1. to continue to integrate the protection and children protection principles (inspired by the children safety principles);
2. To enhance the knowledge and improve the practices concerning children protection in the ranks of the professionals working with children, both from public and private services;
3. To increase the capacities of the social services managers to develop programs in the sense of the policy on children protection.

The project addresses both the professionals working within the local authorities or governmental services, as well as the private service suppliers’ personnel (basically the NGOs). Moreover, the project addresses the local professionals and authorities in the marginalized communities (for instance, the rural areas in Moldova, under-privileged area in Romania and Bulgaria), as well as the communities with a high number of children coming from institutions.

Main applicant:

CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte Gemeinnützige Privatstiftung  (Concordia Social Projects) – Austria

CONCORDIA Academia supports implementing the project in Romania.


Humanitarian Organization CONCORDIA Romania, CONCORDIA Moldova and CONCORDIA Bulgaria.

Projects results:

  • Approximately 120 professionals within the local authorities and partner organizations in Romania and Moldova working with children and families participate to workshops and conferences on various subjects (resilience and trauma, provoking behaviour management, action and reporting modalities at the moment of registering abuse accusations);
  • Development of an implementation manual for the children protection policies within the children protection organizations (in Romanian and Bulgarian languages).

Expected impact – Improvement of protection measures in the children care services and enhancement of the professionals’ skills with a view to ensuring better safety for children, youth and families. The aim is a better understanding of the practices, policies and protection systems for the children in the participating countries and improvement of skills and quality of daily work in ensuring children protection principles at the level of under-privileged families services and children protection services.