Project title: Education Includes Opportunities

Duration: 01.07.2020 – 30.06.2022 (24 months)

Budget:  197.202 eur

Scope of the project

This project aims conceiving and testing a unique model of socio-pedagogical intervention to ensure signing up in schools and full access to quality education for the children coming from vulnerable and marginalized families and communities. As a consequence of the activities of the project, the targeted communities shall see a decrease of the ratio of school drop-outs, and the children shall enjoy an educational environment that acknowledges and develops their talents. Besides, the teachers shall be equipped with pedagogical methodologies and knowledge sensitive to the life context of these marginalized children and those with disabilities in learning. This project targets to improve the cooperation between various professionals (teachers, social workers, psychologists, school advisors and educators) within multidiscipline teams, to support the children and their families in the best way possible.

Project objectives:

  1. to ensure children’s access to quality formal and non-formal educational services.
  2. to consolidate the teachers’ capacity to apply simple social work principles in their pedagogical endeavour with the children and their families.
  3. to promote healthy practices of budgeting the educational activity that would ensure access to quality education for all children.

Main applicant:

CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte Gemeinnützige Privatstiftung (Concordia Social Projects) – Austria


Humanitarian Organization CONCORDIA Romania

CONCORDIA Academia is responsible for one of the components of the project and namely the one targeting to develop an innovative methodology for the social inclusion in primary and gymnasium education. Making up multidiscipline work teams (teachers, social workers, psychologists and school advisors) and developing an inclusive curriculum for primary education, the teachers shall be able to successfully use the knowledge, work methods in the social work area and shall understand better the impact of an adverse social and economic environment on children’s evolution.

The localities targeted by the project are Bucharest, Ploiești, Iași and Oradea.

Project’s results:

  • Drafting and coordinating a training program for local multidiscipline teams (teachers, social workers, school advisors etc), based on the existing needs;
  • Drafting and coordinating an intervention methodology for the local multidiscipline teams.

Expected impact

Reducing school drop-out as a consequence of increasing the quality in cooperation between the professionals involved in supporting school attendance for the children coming from underprivileged environments, with an intervention that is focused on the child, family and community.