Project title: Better protected: Increasing the capacity to provide family-type of services by supporting the families, organizations and communities


Duration: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2020

Managed budget:  26,021 Euro

Scope of the project

The general objective of the project is to improve and consolidate the quality of family-type of care services for the children in the republic of Moldova, with a view to guarantee children protection and observe the higher interest of the child.

Main applicant:



Social Care and Family Protection Office, City Halls and local communities in Ialoveni, Cimișlia, Criuleni, Drochia, Holercani andd Chișinău.

The project addresses the professional foster carers, teacher parents, professionals on the mobile CONCORDIA teams and social workers / community social carers in the regions where CONCORDIA developed 14 family-type of services.

Project’s results:

  • 10 professionals on the mobile team shall be trained to offer qualified care services to teacher parents / foster carers;
  • at least 15 psychologists shall take part in a training session on working with trauma and developing resilience in children;
  • at least 5 professionals on the mobile team shall be trained on the Children Protection Policy;
  • at least 10 professionals on the mobile team shall benefit from supervising sessions;
  • at least 32 teacher-parents / potential teacher-parents shall be trained depending on their needs;
  • at least 14 teacher-parents and foster carers might benefit from individual supervising sessions and shall be trained on relevant problems regarding the Children Protection Policy;
  • 10 social workers / community social workers shall learn to offer support for the family-type of services;
  • at least 10 community social workers shall be trained on selecting and assessing teacher-parents;

And they shall know how to monitor the family-type of services within their communities;

  • the representatives of three regions shall have experience exchange sessions on monitoring and assessing alternative care services for children during two round tables.

Expected impact – approximately 10 professionals in the social field from local level shall improve the capacity of supporting the family-type of services at the level of localities in the Republic of Moldova.