Social Management

Whom it adresses

The training program is designed for directors, managers, team and department coordinators from top and middle management of the public and private suppliers in the social and socio-medical field.


The program foresees a total of 360 hours (120 hours of theory and 240 hours of practice to be carried out within the organizations of the participants) throughout 4 - 5 months. The training sessions can be organized face-to-face or in blended format (face-to-face training alternated with online synchronous training).


The retraining program is authorized by National Authority for Qualifications in Romania, and following the successful completion of the program, the participants receive a graduation certificate for the position of “social services manager”, code COR 112039. The social workers taking part in the program have access to 10 credits (the course is authorized by the National College of Social Workers in Romania).


Me as a manager: Management and Leadership, Feedback and Feed-forward, delegation Techniques, Decision Making, Time Management.

The Manager and the Team: Active Listening, Conversations in Managerial Context, Conflict Management, Team Development Stages, Roles and Positions in the Team, Team Monitoring, Assessment and Motivation.

The Manager and the Organization: The Organizational Climate vs Organizational Culture, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Stakeholders Involvement, Performance and Quality Management, Impact Measurement, Storytelling – result communication, Learning and Innovation at Organizational Level.

Added value

The content of the course is developed in partnership with the Social Management Academy in Vienna and other European institutions with high quality standards.

The program offers relevant opportunities of networking with other professionals in the social field.


Focused on personal and organizational leadership, team management and innovation, the program is dedicated to managers, team and department coordinators from the top and middle management of the public and private suppliers in the social field.



We develop courses, training sessions and organize discussion groups on stringent subjects throughout the entire year. Follow us closely and stay in touch with us to keep you updated with what we have in store. Contact us so we could see together which are your needs and to present you a customized offer.


Antigona Orlic
Foster Care Centre, DGASPC Prahova
Social Management Course participant

“We received information that I use both in my professional as well as private life. After the first module I understood what I used to do wrong in my relationship with the others.  Now I am more confident in myself and I see the results of my team’s work. I have the courage to ask and give feedback. What can be more adequate than start a learning exchange process in spring and then feel how you grow together with the team.”

Maria Ioniță
Social Management Course Participant

“The first module raised my interest in management and leadership models and I could easily identify myself in one of them. I started to receive answers about my identity as a leader and about the dysfunctionality of a manager’s habits who no longer gives themselves any personal time. Very soon I started to prioritize my objectives and tasks, to understand the important delegation is. I know today, at the end of the course, that I cannot change the organizational culture, but I can influence the organizational climate by adapting the management style to the individual values of my team members.”

Carmen Scripcaru
Manager at the Humanitarian Association “Il Chicco”
Social Management Course Participant

“In this program I learned how important feedback and feedforward are. I learned how to delegate part of my tasks. The course helped me be aware of the fact that each person is an immense resource for the team, and informal as well as formal feedback can change a persona and a whole team.”  


Adriana Popescu

An MBA graduate of the Maastricht School of Management, Adriana Popescu, for 2 years, did research for her thesis on the factors to influence the capacity of innovation of the Romanian non-profit organizations.

With a background in design, management and evaluation of programs in the non-profit area (education, social, environment, community development, human rights, etc.), Adriana interacted with hundreds of NGOs, while working as a project and program manager, grants officer, evaluator and trainer. She likes getting involved in various projects, from working at grassroot to systemic programs.

She undergoes a continuous process of learning and initiative development, her latest exploits and projects being in the area of innovation and design thinking, critical thinking, leadership, learning and organizational development, gamification.

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Bianca Buzetto

She has been working in close contact with the non-governmental sector for almost 20 years. 

Working shoulder to shoulder with social works, teachers, psychologists etc. allowed her to better understand the needs in the social field, even though by trade she is an engineer.

She believes that the most important training opportunities to her were her Master’s Degree in Communication and Marketing held at Milano, the one in Social and Health Services Management attended at Bucharest, and her most recent Innovation and Management Program in the social field organized by the Erste Foundation.

The experience of over 10 years when she coordinated projects and teams proved useful when she was offered the opportunity to become a trainer on social management associated topics. She has been a certified trainer since 2008, and the most she learned in the ToT program organized by the Social Management Academy in Vienna and from her training experience within CONCORDIA Academia.

In 2004 she fell in love with everything in connection with Monitoring and evaluation, when she took part in her first training session on the subject, organized by UNAIDS. During the 4 years spent at UNAIDS Romania, she learned what means to develop the non-governmental organizations capacity.

She believes that being a trainer is a privilege, since it offers her the possibility to learn something from the participants and her trainer colleagues every day.

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Cornel Ionescu

Cornel has long-lasting experience in working with people, expanding for over 10 years. Economist by trade, enterpriser and business developer, he wanted to share with other from the mistakes he made in connection with money, since these are surprisingly common. For Cornel, the discussions about money, finances and modality in which a person chooses to manage these relationships with one of the commonest concepts and tools of a society, represent passion invested in creating a simple frame yet with impact to disseminating his financial culture. Besides this, Cornel is an accredited NLP trainer, coach and practitioner, successfully managing to harmoniously combine these fields, offering thus a learning experience and integrated discovery at a holistic level.  

Since he believes in a future where the society comes to reduce its own social, economic and human shortcomings, and further on actively contributes to it, he founded and association targeting a sustainable development and sustainability through education for real life.

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Miruna Bohâlțea

A trainer at Concordia Academia since 2019, Miruna is first and foremost a facilitator for learning processes. With an experience of over 16 years in educating adults, Miruna creates inclusive and safe learning spaces that encourage experience sharing, determines creativity and generates ideas, identification of personal and organizational solutions, personal and professional development. The latest 6 years she dedicated to the research and development of educational programs in entrepreneurship and management, with a focus on personal values and inner motivation. The principles of her area of expertise are: development of organizational capacity, writing and implementing structural and cohesion fund financing programs, public and private purchase management, development of entrepreneurial skills, designing products and services, vocational and personal development counselling. Interests: sustainable development of the organizations, educational process innovation, creation of personal development facilitation materials for children and youth.

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Radu Neuman

The challenges faced during the 20 years of work in the social field, and experience of over 13 years as trainer and evaluator in social professions showed him how important it is to use all opportunity to learn. He believes we can live special moments, that there are encounters where we can share spiritual moments, just as in the school that Constantin Noica dreamed of. He also believes that it is necessary to have places that could make these experiences possible. He believes that such a space is CONCORDIA Academia, and to him it is a great joy to be part of this project.

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Silvia Mișu

A professional experience of 20 years of training and consultancy in project management, organizational management. Huma resources management, professional training, business recommend Silvia as a consultant and trainer who can have the capacity to adapt easily, to systemically analyse the organizational and individual environment and to facilitate finding the best solutions corresponding to any organizational reality. In organizational, coaching, training and consultancy development processes she combines NLP-specific techniques and transactional analysis. During the past 6 years she created organizational development programs, including strategic planning for over 100 non-profit, social business organizations.

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Cornelia Burtscher

She has 10 years of experience in social services, in organizational development on the CONCORDIA international team.

Currently, Cornelia is a supervisor and trainer in Social Management with a 6-year experience in training and supervising in social services. She graduated “Social and Health Management” studies at HFH Hamburg and an MBA Degree at IUBH Berlin.

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Eligibility criteria differ from program to program depending on the accreditation of the training program (for example: ANC accredited). To the criteria for participation in the course are added those of certification. We invite you to check the eligibility criteria for each course.

In the period announced for registration, please send us the updated CV and a letter of intent to

As a consequence of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is likely to have last-minute changes in the program and modality of holding the courses (for instance: the conversion of physical courses into a digital alternative). The participants shall be informed in due time with regard to any modifications and specific safety measures. 

We have in mind to hold our courses in as safe as possible conditions (physical distancing, providing masks and disinfectants, holding outdoor courses or in generous areas, whenever possible). Yet, participation is on their own liability. 

In the case when you were in contact with a person with confirmed or suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection during the last 14 days, we kindly ask you to refrain from participating to the course, or announce your absence. In this case, no administrative punitive measures shall be taken against you.

The persons who present symptoms (fever, coughing, breathing difficulties) shall not be allowed to attend the courses held face-to-face.

For the long-term course (longer than 2 days) you may pay in instalments. For details on the payment modalities, please contact the course responsible person (announced with the launching of the training program) or you can send us an e-mail to .

The course “Social Management” is ANC authorized, and the participants who successfully graduate the certification examination benefit from diplomas acknowledged at national and European level for the profession of Social Services, code COR 112039.

The social workers who successfully graduate this training program can benefit from 10 credits offered by the National College of Social Workers in Romania.

For this course we issue upon request a certificate recognized at European level via the EURODIR network - The European Trans-national Network of Training Organizations for Social Institutions Directors.

We kindly ask you that upon signing-up you check the criteria for exam admission.

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